Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 1: The Decision

Hi all, and welcome to my brank-spanking-new blog about nutrition, health, and fitness!

Before we get into all that fun stuff, here's a little about me:

I am a 23 year old University of Ottawa graduate (in the fields of Political Science and Environmental studies), I am an avid reader, a former lifeguard, a theme-party lover, a rower/runner/soccer player/swimmer/boxer/crossfitter/all around fitness addict, and of course, a vegetarian.

Having been an athlete for most of my life - at times even at very high levels - I am fully aware of the role proper nutrition plays in fueling the mind and body to tackle their daily challenges. I recently took up crossfit and learned about the Paleo and Zone diet philosophies. While I can see their theoretical merit, as a ecological vegetarian of 3 years, I simply can't get behind the enormous emphasis on meat consumption - particularily in the Paleo diet. That being said, however, I am well aware that my own if relatively healthy diet could still use a serious clean up.

This is where 'The Decision' came into play. I decided today as I once again followed my perfectly balanced veggie omelet lunch with an ice cream bar that this habit needed to stop, along with many other unhealthy nutritional habits that I have long held. I decided that excuse time was over, that I had the support systems I needed, healthy food at my fingertips, time to devote to cooking and prep, and the desire to change, so I had no reasons left to hold on to those old habits.

This decision left me with another one - how to go forward from there. I thought long and hard about all the different diets and recipes there are available, and I decided that since I have launched myself back into crossfit after a work-filled and crossfit-weak summer, I would dive headfirst into the lifestyle outside the gym as well and try the Zone diet - vegetarian style. Now, right off the bat while I'm still getting used to the block systems etc., I am going to start of with only two actual Zone proportioned meals per day, but with all other foods and snacks being 'clean', 'whole' foods (no processed grains or ice cream for this girl) for the first two weeks, and then build from there.

For more info on the zone diet in the cadre of crossfit, check here:

One challenge that will come back into play at the end of this week is the fact that the French family I am living with will be coming back from vacation, and I will no longer have much control over what is made for dinner (they have a penchant for quiches, tarts, and pastas....and of course bread and cheese). However, I have one whole week to detox out all the processed sugars from my system, deal with cravings, learn recipes, and so on before they get back, so for now I'll just take it one day at a time and figure out how to overcome that obstacle when I get to it!

Tonight's zone/clean recipe with be 2 block Zucchini Pasta with tofu!

Olive Oil (2/3 tsp) (2 fats)
Zucchini (2 cups sliced) (1 carb)
Tofu (2oz) (1 protein)
Mozzarella cheese (1oz) (1 Protein)
Peach (1 carb)


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