Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 2 - Part II

Finished my leftover pancakes for a pre-workout snack... definitely going to be making another batch or two of those to have on hand when I'm wanting something carby or need to eat on the go.

These aren't actually MY zone pancakes, but they pretty much looked like this... just a little more well-done on one side because I got distracted while they were cooking...

Dinner today was a Stir-fry of:

1 eggplant (2 blocks carb)
1 brick tofu (3 blocks protein)
1 veggie burger (1 block carb, 1 block protein) (I'm guessing)
1/2 tomato (1/2 block carb)
1cup Coconut water (1/2 block carb)

...all chopped up with some olive oil (1 1/3tsp = 4 blocks), herbs, and coriander for flavour.

Good idea in theory, however all tofu and eggplant cook quite dry (the eggplant absorbs any added water or oil), so next time I'll have to look up a sauce recipe. The half a tomato was an attempt to make it a little less dry, which kinda worked, but I'll still be looking into creating some sort of zone dijon sauce or dressing that I  can have on hand when I cook.

I had half the batch, so that makes a 2 block meal, perhaps a little heavy on the protein, but after an evening workout, the extra is probably going to be put to good use in repairing my sore traps!!

This weekend's challenge will be to stay as balanced as possible and eat clean since I'll be travelling to Scotland to visit some family and may not have access to block information or things like skim mozzerella, tofu, or 4 egg whites to balance out a pasta-type meal.

This also means I might not be able to post much over the weekend, but I'll try to keep track by wrote and post anything that seems worth sharing... as well as hopefully getting a few more food pics to add some colour to my posts!

PS. Here's the block list I've been using...

I mostly ignore the 'favourable' aspect as I'm just starting out and am more focused on getting the values right and most importantly making sure my proteins match the other two blocks - not easy when you can't just throw a piece of ham on there to add an extra protein.

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