Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day One Part II

Some adaptations in the menu for Zone meal one:

Because of the fact that France is RIDICULOUS and all the grocery stores close at 7:30, I was unable to procure my tofu. Instead I added eggs on the side and a melon-tomato-feta salad instead of having cheese on the ''pasta'' and the peach for dessert., but because of the added volume of the salad and the feta, it is in fact a 3-block meal rather than the 2 block one that was planned. After the WOD I just did, though, I'm thinking I needed the extra!

In other news, Coriander is my new 'herb obsession'... added a little to the zucchini pasta to change up the normal 'herbs de provence' and pepper flavouring I usually use.

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