Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 2

Today I tried making Zone pancakes and it actually turned out really well! I used a clean recipe, and just adapted it a bit to have less carbs and more protein. The recipe ended up being:

1c oats (ground up in a food processor) - 3 blocks carbs
1c milk - 1 block protein, 1 block carbs
2 eggs and 2 egg whites - 3 blocks protein
2/3 tsp coconut oil  - 2 blocks fats
6 almonds on the side - 2 blocks fats

I let the ground up oats sit in the milk for a few minutes, then mixed in some cinnamon and a weensy bit of agave, then cooked them in a pan with the coconut oil (watch out, coconut oil has a lower smoking temperature or whatever it's called than butter or olive oil, so keep it on medium heat or it starts to jump out of the pan). It made about 15 really mini pancakes, so I had half of them for a 2 block breakfast and will have the other half for a 2 block pre-workout snack later on.

Next time, I might try a dash of baking powder as is in the original recipe to see if they rise a little bit.

Lunch was a half-assed zone meal, so it won't count in my 2 for the day - I had a 2-egg spinach omelet in a wrap with some cheese. In theory was approximately a 3-block meal, but I'm a little iffy on what hard cheeses count as (a protein or a fat), so I'll have to do a little looking up online.

As for dinner, we shall have to see! but speaking of, I had better hustle to the grocery store for some tofu before it closes!!!

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