Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day... 3, I guess?

well hey there folks! Sorry, I guess it's been almost a week since the last post... a great week in terms of life living and spontaneity, however not such a great one in terms of zone diet following.

After a BBQ to kick off the new season of soccer (I brought a veggie burger and had a little rice with it - not really zone, but not bad), I headed into town to stay at a friend's house before my super early train to Paris for my flight to Scotland.

I was very well prepared for the actual travel TO scotland - I had a whole batch of raspberry zone pancakes travelling with me so I was fine until getting on the actual plane around noon, when I had finished them in case I wasn't allowed to bring them on. Then I managed to resist the temptation to buy snacks in the terminal or on the plane, or upon landing.

Scotland was wonderful, and I ate relatively healthy foods for the most part, but being on the move touring around all the time meant quicky lunches of cheese and crackers, lots of snacks (not prepared zone ones), and going out for dinner - I picked healthy-ish things like goat cheese and apple salad (the goat cheese was in fritter form though), and a fresh spinach and mozzarella pizza (the round italian kind, not the shredded smother the whole pizza kind), but still not particularly balanced.

Upon my return, the family was also back, which means that I also had the obstacle of our 'typical' lunches and dinners of pasta, quiche, roasted potatoes, etc. For example, last night's dinner was roquefort pie, homemade pizza, and some green salad. It's not mcdonalds, but it's also not zone, which is the whole idea behind this blog.

That being the case, I am finally back on track with the original plan, which is to have 2 zone meals per day (generally breakfast and lunch), and then manage with the dinner provided as best I can. I have also decided to try and make my 4pm snack zone too, to try and cancel out the effects of an unbalanced dinner as best I can.

Today's 1.5 block zone breakfast was:

1.5 cups fromage blanc (1.5 protein)
5 almonds (1.5 fat)

plus a little clean crumble from yesterday's snack
1/4 apple (.25 carb)
1/4 peach (.25 carb)
1/2 seving muesli (.5 carb)
1/2 serving oats (.5 carb)

I also had a mid-morning half slice of pizza because it is really good... a little weak, I know, but I have a zone lunch prepared already of stir-fried tofu, spinach, and new potatoes to eat after crossfit, and I'm going to make a double batch of the raspberry pancakes and freeze a whole bunch so that I always have zone snacks/desserts on hand.... these things are actually a life-saver!

 I cook them in a little coconut oil instead of vegetable oil or butter and it makes them taste even better!

Tomorrow I'll be on the hunt for some new recipes to try next week. Let me know if you have any ideas!!

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