Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 11 - the 'Défi Dièt' has begun!

Hi all!

So after a bit of a lax week, the Défi Dièt (Zone Diet Challenge) has officially begun at the gym, so I'm back to being strict on my zone blocks and avoiding processed foods etc.

Today I had my usual 2 block breakfast - fromage blanc, almonds, and a wee bit of Trésor cereal (so not healthy... but so so good) with black coffee.

I then launched into creating a big ol' stirfry using tofu, mushrooms, and packets of mixed frozen vegetables (peas, snow peas, broccoli and spinach). It was while I was trying to figure out how many blocks each things was that I realized how massive blocks of vegetables are compared to blocks of grain carbs etc.

For example, 1 block of flour is 1.5 TEAspoons, but for that same one block, you can have 3 cups of mushrooms or 4 cups of spinach! So my stirfry, which has 4 blocks of protein, I figured would end up 4 or 5 blocks of veggies when I started, but to actually get that many vegetables in there I had to add a cup of mushrooms because I wasn't going to get there on the frozen veggies alone - even with peas which are only 0.5cups to a block. The end result being my stirfry is HUGE and only 4 blocks, so I can either eat it in two 2-block meals, or as one 4-block meal if I'm super hunger after crossfit this afternoon.

Seriously though, lesson of the day: EAT YOUR FRIGGEN VEGETABLES. First of all, you get WAY more food out of it, and second of all you get way more nutritional value in terms of vitamins etc., plus the water content helps keep you hydrated... basically, there is way more benefit to eating cups and cups of veggies than there is in eating a weesie little serving of grain carbs.

Lesson learned for me, so I will definitely be working to incorporate more veggies and fruit into all my meals and snacks from now on....

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