Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 5 and onward so far...

Still working on getting used to the different block sizes... especially the part where grain carbs are like 1 tbsp=1 block, but tomatoes are 1.5 cups=1 block. On the plus size, an ounce of cheese counts as a protein, so I'm not going to get sick of eggs after all (I've been eating a LOT of boiled eggs lately).

In general, I have been making my typical fromage blanc/almond/cereal breakfasts with a salad of boiled eggs, lettuce, and tomato for lunch - yesterday I added some couscous to the salad to change it up a bit. Dinners have been a mixed bag, as I had anticipated, but healthier than not actually. The tough part has been when I have to replace my fromage blanc with yogurt or milk because it adds an extra carb block which means I have to find a protein block somewhere (and boiled eggs and cereal for breakfast is not super enticing as a combo). I still have a good few pancakes left in the freezer from last weeks cooking extravaganza so I have snacks for on the go and dessert when I need. Usually I'm ok after dinner, but after lunch when I'm starving after my 11:30am workout and there's lemon tart in the fridge it can be a bit hard to resist.

My gym is doing a 'défi dièt' starting next monday, and everyone will be following either the zone or paleo diet so I'll have a little support group to talk to and keep me accountable etc., which is why I've been a little more lax this week on the blocks etc.... cause I know I`ll have to seriously tighten up on my meals and snacks soon!

In other news, in a totally non-zone move, I went to the all-you-can eat sushi and chinese buffet with the crossfit folks. I actually ended up eating mostly seaweed dishes because they were seasoned with some sort of spice and were SO GOOD, but there were also mucho california rolls consumed, and obviously not a whole ton of protein (some cream cheese rolls, but cream cheese counts as a fat rather than a protein in Zone blocks).

 I appear to be losing my taste for chocolate, as I had a piece of lindt today and it tasted like plastic to me, and last night I went to bed craving salad instead of ice cream or chocolate which is definitely a first! I still love my chocolate cereal with yogurt or milk though...

anyway, I'll try to keep this as up to date as possible... going to have to get some more tofu today because I can already feel myself getting sick of eating boiled eggs all the time, and cheese with cereal for breakfast is equally unappetizing.

Anyway, off to crossfit now!

as per usual, lemme know of any recipes or anything like that that you can think of that I can modify to be 'zone' (equal proportions protein, fats, and carbs... the more veggies and fewer grains the better!)

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