Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I hate Wednesdays.


Today was not a good day zone-wise. First, I didn't have enough fromage blanc for my normal breakfast, and since the girls are home all day, I couldn't make any sort of eggs or anything to make up for it.

Second, I made myself an awesome and perfectly balanced lunch because I don't like pasta, it's not zone anyway, and that's what the girls were having. However, one of the girls refused to eat the pasta because it was green (basil ravioli), so I had to eat a few to show her it was good, and man was it ever! Coupled with my too-small breakfast hunger, I couldn't help but have a few more.... so not zone. Managed to at least balance it out pretty well with the other food I had a lunch so that was relatively damage controlled, but then, the Third and worst part of today was that....

I am out of zone pancakes. Again, since the girls were home all day, I couldn't make another batch, and thus was not at all prepared when the Chocolate Craving of DOOM struck this afternoon. It resulted in me fighting and fighting - having healthy snacks of egg whites and cinnamon with some almonds, etc., walking around, trying to distract myself (couldn't leave and go for a walk or run or drive or anything since, you guess it, the girls were home)....then finally cracking after having to serve 4 girls fresh baguette with nutella on it... which ended in me eating 6 cookies and 4 pieces of chocolate over the span of 3 hours. Grar. I know it shouldn't be an excuse to eat SIX cookies, maybe TWO or something, but the problem with a chocolate craving, at least for me, is that if you cave it just gets stronger.

It's frustrating considering all the ice cream bars I've said no to over the past month (and I really LOVE ice cream bars) and I cracked on cookies, chocolate, and pasta, none of which I really even like that much.... a big waste of a cheat meal!

Anyway, new leaf. Wrote down my notes from how I felt before I caved and then after, and so next time I'll be able to look back in my workout log and say 'See?, SEEE how crappy you felt after those cookies? You don't even like them. How about I promise myself an ice cream bar for friday night instead?' and I'll be able to back away from the ledge, so to speak, and then I'll be able to keep a clean week and have my reward on the friday.

THANKFULLY, the girls are back at school tomorrow, so I can get prepared for anything that comes up during the rest of the week and the weekend (things like Julia's birthday party which will come with lots of cake, chips, and baguettes no doubt!).

I also know what we're having for dinner tomorrow (ahead of time for once), so I can plan out the rest of my day's blocks a little more accurately! (I have a suspicion that the chocolate craving may have been a combo of not having had enough blocks yesterday and having too small a breakfast today - my body wanting fast energy - and plus the stress of dealing the the girls for 10 hours straight made my brain crave the endorphins I usually get from crossfit.... those combined and triggered by nutella = out of control chocolate craving)

RESET as of dinner tonight - carrots and eggplant with a protein shake chaser should be nice and balanced, and so NO EXCUSES is back in business. Gotta finish the week strong and hopefully show some changes in my measurements and pictures as early as possible!

Remember team...

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