Sunday, September 16, 2012

The final Countdown...

Last day before the défi!

Today I sent in my pictures and measurements for the challenge. I have to do the same at the end of each week to see if the diet is working or not, and to 'compete' to change the most over the span of 8 weeks.

Today also involved a revamped breakfast. I made it a proper 2 blocks all around by subtracting the cereal and the almonds from my fromage blanc, and after calculating that 100g was 1P, 0.5C, 0.75F adding a peach and 2 almonds worth of slivered almonds to 200g of fromage blanc. Very tasty.

Lunch was a picnic by the lake for me of 4 Blocks protein powder, 1 orange (2C), 1 pear (2C, and 12 almonds (4F). I had a hard time eating all that fruit, which means that 4 blocks might be a bit much for me all in one meal.

I got hungry about an hour earlier than I expected (probably because the liquid protein is digested much faster than solid proteins), so I decided to allow myself my final 'cheat' meal before the diet begins tomorrow and had a big Mcdonalds Salad which would be allllmost zone if it didn't have fried onions and if the goat cheese wasn't breaded and deep fried too. I also had a piece of toast with a borderline obscene amount of nutella on it and a cup of chocolate milk (which is 1 block protein, and 2 carbs, so I can theoretically incorporate it into my diet on occasion if I add a dash of protein powder or a boiled egg). And voila,with both fast-food and chocolate fixes taken care of, I'm now ready to face this 2 month challenge!

Tomorrow I'll be back on track for the whole day. Starting with grocery shopping for some more tofu and protein powder, boiling a half dozen eggs, and making another enormous batch of Zone pancakes, and so on. Tomorrow will also be my first day attempting to balance out my dinner with a protein shake, as well as attempting to keep portion sizes appropriate to block sizes without being able to weigh or measure, or without knowing how much of ingredients like olive oil or cheese are actually going into the dish. I guess I'll see after a few weeks if the attempts to compromise dinner are working or if it's not balanced enough to prevent night-time fat storage...

Anyway, to any an all preparing for this or any other diet challenge, bon courage!

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