Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 4

Okey dokey. The challenge continues.

Today I realized that while I have been trying to balance my meals etc, I could still be eating way too much or way too little overall... so I hunted down a 'block calculator' to see how many blocks I should be eating in a day...apparently I'm meant to be eating 15 block per day! It seems like kind of a lot to me, and the block calculator that I found at doesn't distinguish between male and female.... so I kept on looking and found this article which uses the following chart:

zone chart

So based on this chart, I think I'm going to go with 11 blocks on days that I don't work out, and 12 blocks on days that I do.

Today being a 12 block day, I have had the following so far:

Breakfast 1.5 blocks:
0.5 cup fromage blanc (1 protein)
3 almonds (1 fat)
1 big spoonful of cereal (1 carb)
2 zone pancakes (0.5 block all 3)

Snack 2 blocks:
1 boiled egg (1 pro)
1 yogurt (1 pro 1 carb)
1 spoonful cereal (1 carb)

Lunch 4 blocks:
1 flour Tortilla (2.5 carb)
1 tomato (0.5 carb)
2 tbs hummous (1 carb 1 fat)
1 egg (1 pro)
2 egg whites (1 pro)
1 oz tofu (1 pro)
1 oz cheese (1 pro)
1 tsp olive oil (3 fat)

which brings me up to 7.5 blocks, giving me lots of leeway for an afternoon snack and trying to balance out whatever we have for dinner with some of hard-boiled eggs I prepared for that very purpose.

I'll let you know how the dinner thing works out!

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